The NHSA™ Designation

The National Health and Safety Administrator (NHSA™) designation provides formal, entry-level training to individuals who are active in the administration of their company’s health and safety program, but do not currently possess a minimum of three years construction safety related field experience. NHSA™ indicates to employers that the participant has practical and theoretical knowledge in various health and safety management skills and principles. An NHSA™ designation holder offers valuable administrative support to the company and NCSO® in implementing and maintaining the company health and safety program. The NHSA designation is the first step towards a becoming a leader in the construction safety field!

Not sure if you qualify for NCSO® or NHSA™? Submit your experience document below for review.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for the NCSO® designation, you can submit a copy of your resume, filled out work experience template, or work experience letter for the NCSO® Coordinator to review. Please note that field experience is NOT required for NHSA™applicants.

Definition of construction field experience: a construction worker (laborer or skilled construction tradesperson) working directly and actively in the construction field (i.e: residential, commercial, industrial, road building, pipeline construction, mobile equipment operations, etc.); or, an individual who is directly and actively engaged in safety (i.e: site safety coordinator) or responsible for the supervision (i.e: site superintendent) of the construction worker, who also works directly and actively in the construction field. Please note, construction field experience is counted only for experience gained within CANADA. Experience gained outside of Canada will not be counted towards the NCSO® application.