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Welcome to the NCSO™ Study Guide Page.

The documents below have been created to assist you with your preparation to write the National and Provincial NCSO™ exams.

To adequately prepare for the NCSO / NHSA exams, applicants are encouraged to develop a study plan and begin reviewing course materials at least one month prior to their scheduled exam session. We additionally encourage you to join one of our regularly scheduled NCSO Exam prep session, as well as form study groups with your peers.

To join a study session, please navgigate to the NCSO Exam Study Prep Session Calendar page using the link below, or contact ncso@bccsa.ca | 604 636 0326 to request a spot in an upcoming session. Study sessions can be attended in person at the BCCSA office, or via conference call.

NCSO/NHSA Exam Policy

If a candidate completes an exam unsuccessfully, they will be required to wait 90 days before reattempting the exam. A second unsuccessful attempt will result in a 12-month waiting period. After 3 consecutive unsuccessful attempts, the candidate will have to repeat all NCSO®/NHSA™ compulsory and elective courses and restart their application before being eligible to write the exam again. Each additional attempt costs $60 + GST for the National Exam and $40 + GST for the Provincial Exam. Any unsuccessful attempts in other provinces will not affect your status with the BCCSA.